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Snake Heads (Phase Kirax)
« on: December 22, 2007, 07:02:54 AM »
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Snake Heads

You know the old saying?  Cut off the head of the snake, and you pretty much WTF own it?  Well I learned it works in reverse too.  So there I was sneaking up behind a company of Thrax soldiers in the Divide trenches.  Well apparently a shotgun blast to the back keeps a Thrax down, same with a well placed round from a rifle, hand gun, chaingun, grenades work too... I'm betting a nice sharp knife would do the trick as well.  So anyway, did I mention I am awesome?

So anyway where was I... damn she's hot... oh yeah, killing.  You know, if I was anyone else, I wouldn't have felt sorry for these Thrax guys... but then again if I was anyone else, I wouldn't be Phase Kirax, and I just don't think humanity could go on living if I didn't exist.  So anyway, by the time the company's CO realized what happened, he was the only one left.  Shoulda seen the look on his face, I just laughed, struck the "I am Phase Kirax" pose.  I thought his brain was going to explode... or was that confusion... hmm... it's so hard to tell the facial features of these Thrax... or maybe it was anger, hate, rage?  You know, he could have been crying... I know I would have been crying if I just had my entire company wiped out by me, and had to face me one on one... heck I might even soil my pants.  I'm just that awesome.

So I make him drop his weapon, and knowing he must feel pretty well... scared, cause I am Phase Kirax, I decided I'd let him go, so I turned around and walked away.  Next thing I knew there was this explosion behind me, when I turned around all I saw was an arm, or a leg.  I dunno why he blew himself up, maybe he just couldn't live with the fact of being beaten by Phase Kirax... heck thats a good enough reason to blow yourself up right there.  Anyway, I get back to base, and make a report.  Wouldn't you know it, some gunnery sergeant was yelling at me asking me what I was doing in a shelling zone... of all the nerve, and then he was trying to say that a shell blew that Thrax CO up, and not some suicide bomb he detonated after being defeated by me!  Of all the nerve, he's just lucky I'm Phase Kirax, or I might have lost my cool... but I'm Phase Kirax, I'm always cool.  You know come to think of it... there were a few explosions that came out of nowhere that just tore those Thrax up.  Ha!  I am awesome, I must have hit some of their grenades with stray bullets and they blew up!  I need to remember that.