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Phase Kirax Intro
« on: December 22, 2007, 07:03:39 AM »
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Phase Kirax Intro

"The names Phase Kirax, and I kill things.  Thats all you need to know.  I'm not some glory hound looking for recognition on the battlefield, or after some medal or promotion.  No.  Don't get me wrong, I am a badass.  I'm your hero, you haven't heard of me?  No?  Well, then I am doing my job.  The only good hero is a dead one, or one that no one knows exists." Phase puts on a smug look, his sharp features, and unshaven gruff adding to his cockiness.  The light of the sun glints off of his goggles, as he strikes a pose.  The reporter rolls her eyes, and continues her interview.  "There has been much debate on what is going to win this war, Logos or technology, what do you think is going to win this war Mr. Kirax?"  "Baby," Phase grins, and taps his chest with his thumb, "Phase Kirax is going to win this war."  All she can do is think to herself, "Oh god", she manages to maintain her compsure and carries on.  "So Mr. Kirax, what was your childhood like?"  Phase lifts his goggles, and with a grin on his face leans in close, "I  am Phase Kirax."  He puts his goggles back in place, and leans back to his lax sitting position in what he thinks is a rather uncomfortable chair, as he attempts to shift himself into a more relaxing sitting position for the twentieth time.

The reporter gives him a rather blank look, her long blond hair, slightly curled blow in the light wind, blinks a few times. her blue eyes glazed over with confusion, and continues.  "So whats it like being a receptive, and being able to use the Logos that we hear so much about?"  Phase gives her a straight faced serious look for once in the interview.  "First of all, I don't like the term "Receptive" I prefer the term "Phased", and being able to tap into this alien power allows me to do what you or anyone else cannot.  Be Phase Kirax."  The report sighs, and since she cannot possibly roll her eyes any more, she shakes her head slightly, and grudgingly presses on.  "So Mr. Kirax, how are you enjoying your R&R?"  Phase gives her a manly smile, "Well I would be doing a lot better without the camera in my face, and you on my arm enjoying a drink with me, beautiful."  The reporter shies from the seemingly handsome man, and gives him one of her "are you for real?" looks.  "Mr. Kirax.." Phase interrupts her, "Please, call me Phase." and gives her a wink.

She clears her throat, and smiles politely, "Phase... I am married, and also I do not mix my work with my personal life."  Phase fains a shocking look, "Oh come on baby, you know you want some of Phase Kirax.  Besides since when did marriage count when progressing the survival of humanity is our prerogative?"  Phase then pulls a small hand held device from inside his jacket, and points it at her, the machine emits a beep sound, and then a long low hum, and finishes with another beep sound, as it scans her.  "Phase, what is that?"  Phase looks up at her from his machine with a half smile, "Oh, just something I picked up off a dead Thrax technician that was experimenting on humans.  It reads the human body, and gives me the chemical readouts.  In short, it lets me know if you are ovulating."  The reporter's face goes red with either embarrassment, or anger, Phase can't tell, or care, "And it says that you are not.  Hmm... so reproduction is out of the question, so how bout we just go back to my place and have some fun?"  The reporter stands up, lands a firm hard slap onto Phase's left cheek, and turns around and walks away.  Phase's eyes are fixated on her tight ass, as she leaves.  "Rawr, kitten has claws, Phase likes." He stands up, and shouts at the reporter storming away from him, "Hey lady, do those count as heavy artillery?"

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Re: Phase Kirax Intro
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i lolled.

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Re: Phase Kirax Intro
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and you are not alone ... all three stories are ... well, flat ... very flat, tendency to negative =)

sorry, but, that's the truth
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