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Unofficial Tabula Rasa Forum Rules and Regulations
« on: December 22, 2007, 01:17:29 PM »
(UTRFR&R, that's a mouthful :S)

Welcome to the Uofficial Tabula Rasa Forums! We hope you enjoy your time here discussing the game and getting to know your fellow gamers.

The primary function of this message board is to provide an area for player interaction and also to submit feedback to the development and publishing teams behind Tabula Rasa.

Please keep in mind that this is a board solely dedicated to Tabula Rasa – therefore, discussions having nothing to do with the game (for example, real world news/matters) will be removed (unless posted into the relevant section). We would like to keep this board Tabula Rasa specific, and therefore encourage you to participate in other message boards available on the Internet should you wish to participate in non-game related discussions. We welcome any topics on this board that directly relate to Tabula Rasa.

We have created the following list of message board rules and guidelines to keep this an enjoyable environment for us all. Violations of these guidelines may result in your removal from this message board and/or potential suspension (or permanent closure), of your Tabula Rasa game account.

Thread/Post Content

1. Post in the correct forum and do not cross-post.

If you are unsure of where to place a post, choose the single most appropriate forum. No need to cross-post to multiple forums – we’ll see the post no matter where you place it. If you cross post or spam the forum, your posts will be removed.

2. Keep feedback constructive.

All feedback on the game is appreciated as long as it is constructive. Keep it straightforward and include examples and facts when applicable. For example, “This game is **** !” or “This game is dying!” is not constructive feedback. “I am way annoyed with the following things about the game and here’s why…” is constructive and useful to us. The best way to get your opinions recognized is not to be abusive or offensive, but to be constructive and communicate in a mature fashion.

"I'm leaving" threads are removed or edited due to the inevitable flaming that immediately ensues. They are thus no more than troll threads.

"NERF X!" threads are removed for much the same reason as "I'm leaving" threads. They immediately turn into flame threads with little or no constructive information.

No ranting. Ranting is posting irate, unconstructive (usually vague) comments to "blow off steam." This is considered a form of trolling since ranting does little but end up in flame wars.

3. Keep feedback high-quality.

Please avoid frivolous and duplicate postings. Threads to announce that the servers are up (after a downtime), for example, or threads made just because you want to be the “first post” in a newly created section of the board, are not quality postings and cause us extra work to remove.

Avoid posting random and off-topic conversation in the General Discussion forum. Off-topic threads/posts will be removed without notice or explanation.

4. Know the search function. Use the search function.

Before you ask a question, please check the “Anouncements/Dev Posts” section of the message boards and the Customer Service Knowledge Base. If your answer is not there, please use the “Search” function located at the top of every page of the boards. Your question may have already been asked and answered elsewhere on the forums.

5. Read before you post.

Development and publishing staff may be posting to several threads on this board, often with explicit information. Before adding a post to a thread, please review the entire thread to be sure that the question you are about to ask hasn’t already been answered.

6. Hosting your own images.

You will find that we do not host screenshots, signature pictures, or other images on this message board. You are more than welcome to link to images hosted in other places (like on your own personal website), as long as they are of an appropriate and non-offensive nature. Avatar icons are allowed as long as the images are below 100kb in weight. Links to images that are inappropriate will be removed immediately and you will be contacted for breaking the forum rules. Images that are obscene, vulgar, references to bodily functions or body parts are also forbidden. Words that would be censored by our bad word filter are not allowed in images either. Finally, copyrighted images are also forbidden.

General Conduct

1. Abuse will not be tolerated.

No flaming, trolling, harassing, profanity, abusive language or abbreviations, personal attacks, racial, religious, ethnic, or sexual slurs.

This applies to both “public” threads and private messages. Do not link out from a post or private message to these types of content.

Flaming is defined as attacking others in harsh, personal terms.

Trolling is defined as deliberately posting derogatory, inflammatory comments/threads in order to bait other users into responding.

Personal attacks include, but are not limited to insulting a poster directly:

EX: “You are stupid, you suck, and you should [censored].”

Directly attacking another poster will result in a warning. If the behavior persists, you will be banned.

2. No character assassination threads.

Threads that single out a player for ridicule or to accuse someone of actions in-game will be removed without notice. Repeatedly targeting another person is considered ongoing harassment and is a severe violation of the forum rules. In-game violations need to be reported via the appropriate channels, such as the GM system, and email support. If you believe that in-game GMs and the support system have not provided a sufficient or timely response, you may submit an inquiry to the NCSoft Community Relations Managers, who are identified by red names, via a PM on these forums. Public posts of such accusations will be construed as attempts to cause antagonism for its own sake.

No personal attacks against forum moderators or game developers. If you disagree with an action taken by a moderator, you can send your complaint via PM to the moderator or to Gangrel where it will be reviewed. Abuse of the devs or moderators (including in PM) is likely to result in an immediate, permanent ban from the message boards.

3. No spamming or thread bumping.

There are no circumstances under which spamming or thread bumping is acceptable. If you ask a question on the board (not answerable by the Customer Service Knowledge Base) and it hasn’t been addressed by a moderator, there is a reason for that (or there is not an answer currently available). Bumping or spamming will not make the answer appear any faster, so please refrain from doing it. This includes, but is not limited to: comments not contributing to the board, advertisements, cross posts, and messages posted repeatedly.

4. No “Petitioning.”

Do not create threads/posts to “petition” for game features, additions, changes, or other issues. You may post suggestions and/or ideas to the boards, but you may not create a ‘petition’ for others to sign. This is bumping in disguise and will not be allowed.

5. No “I Demand Answers” threads.

Threads that make threats or use other combative language will be removed without notice. If you ask a question on the board and it has not been addressed by a moderator, there is a reason for that (or there is not an answer currently available). In the event of legitimate emergencies, or other unprecedented scenarios, we will endeavor to provide comments, even if it is only to state that there is no officially available information. However, this is not always possible.

6. Censorship Posts.

All posts referring to message board censorship will be removed. All message board content is allowed/removed at the discretion of the Forum Staff. These posts will be removed and the poster warned. Any further posts will be removed, and the poster will be banned from the message boards. Also, working around a ban to continue posting is also prohibited and may incur an extension of a current ban.

Threads designed to announce, appeal or contest a forum or game banning decision on behalf of a third party will be removed without notice.

No personal attacks against forum moderators. If you disagree with an action taken by a moderator, you can send your complaint via PM to the moderator or to Gangrel where it will be reviewed.

7. No account hopping to evade suspension.

You are personally responsible for your conduct on the forums. If you create a new account to continue posting because another account was suspended, any forum accounts involved will be permanently suspended. Forum and/or game bans apply to a person, not specifically an account.

8. No proxy posting.

Posting on behalf of a suspended user is not allowed.

9. No Conspiracy Threads.

Threads that make groundless claims about NCSoft/Unofficial Tabula Rasa Forums or any of its employees acting in collusion with or granting favoritism to any group or player will be removed without notice.

10. Bad Word Filter.

Unoffical Tabula Rasa Forums have a bad word filter. NCSoft’s games are rated Teen and is therefore censored for language. Any attempt to circumvent this filter will not be tolerated including posting avatars, forum names or signatures that contain a word that is censored by the bad word filter. Also, working around a ban to continue posting is also prohibited and may incur an extension of a current ban.

11. Respect the opinions of others.

Often times arguments can’t be won, so if you have a contrasting opinion, please state it simply and clearly. If necessary, agree to disagree with others who may have differing opinions. When discussions turn to long, hostile arguments, the thread will be closed or removed.

Also, do not dismiss other players by calling them “whiners”, “fanbois”, or other derogatory terms, or suggesting that they “just quit”. This is NOT constructive.

12. No Rule Circumvention threads.

Any thread we feel is trying to find some loophole to get away with disobeying the rules of the forums, in fact or in spirit, will be removed.

13. No Legal Action threads.

Using the forums or PMs for encouraging, promoting, endorsing, or inciting any kind of legal action against anyone is strictly prohibited. Such content will be removed, and the author's posting privileges will be permanently suspended.

14. Posting Information Covered by an NDA.

DO NOT post ANY information on these boards that refers to any information covered by another games NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) for their Alpha/Beta tests. Any info about a game covered by an NDA that is posted will be removed and the poster will be banned from the forums.

15. Official Threads.

Official threads are any thread started by a RED name that has the words “official thread” or “dev response” in the title. These may have special instructions in the original post. Please review the original post and follow any instructions given. Further, if there is an Official Thread about a topic, please do not post other threads about this topic. Instead, post your comments only in the official thread. Posts about an Official Topic will be removed without notice.

It is very important to us to maintain a system of forums that allow new and veteran players alike to address concerns to the company as well as help each other. To do this, a certain amount of decorum and civility is required. We reserve the right to update these rules as necessary, so please take the time to review them on a regular basis.

We hope you enjoy your stay here.
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