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Cheating Undeath
« on: December 27, 2007, 02:13:46 AM »
A dull throbbing pain filled her head as she began to regain consciousness, her eyes remaining unfocused. Her blood felt like it was burning in her veins as her muscles involuntarily strained against unseen restraints, her thoughts scattered further than the four winds themselves could achieve.

She tried to mouth words but something obstructed the movement. Rasmussen, Maya A. Second Lieutenant, she managed to form in her head as her concentrated efforts to regain her thoughts slowly took hold. She struggled against the darkness as excruciating pain wracked her body and threatened to push her back into unconsciousness.

The mission, she starts to remember as her mind continues to focus. Images flooded her mind jumbled, like a poorly edited horror flick. With a sharp stab of pain in her forehead the flood begins to organize itself and replay.

The plan was a simple one, she thought to herself. Remove the defenses, infiltrate the prison, and free the prisoners. She had her best soldiers with her, trained for the mission, armed to the teeth, and ready to kill.

They had made their way though the path up to the prison, destroyed the anti-air turrets and disabled the gates, a piece of cake, the mission was going well. Even the deployment of a Juggernaut assault robot failed to slow their progress as they breached the entrance of the prison quickly.

But something went wrong she thought without the ability to pin point what, the fog of war still heavy in her mind.

They had taken the left corridor, the Bane’s alien architecture familiar but strange. Ari was on point, her rifle stuttering to answer enemy rounds as the rest of the squad took covering positions.

She remembered stepping into an alcove for cover, a bit further back from her squad than she should be, she’d have to move soon to catch up but the enemy fire was too heavy. Peeking around the corner she could see her squad advancing, an upwelling of pride forming in her at how soldiers performed.

And then darkness.

Finally her eyes begin to focus in, steel on steel, hoses, glass canisters with green fluid. Where the hell am I she ponders. With resistance she slowly turned her head to the right and tries to focus on the object to her side. Bone and metal, grey skin and green, she shakes her head.

Machina, she begins to panic realizing she must be strapped to one of the devices used in creating those horrors, the living dead metal and flesh monstrosities controlled by the Bane. Maya struggled against her bonds with the last amount of strength she could summon as she retches against the tube shoved down her throat.

The darkness reclaimed her.

Voiced start huddling in the dark mass of her mind, voices pushing their way into her dreams amid long moments of silence in-between the darkness, voices she recognizes.

“Secure the room,” she hears in the darkness, like subtitle the associated name visualizes in the darkness. - Rialto, Cyrus SFC

“Secure,” multiple voices ring out.

A short scream pierces the darkness

“Oh my god, what did they do to her?” - Ari, Ailill CPL

“Doc, get over there and do something useful.” - Rialto, Cyrus SFC

“11.. 12…. 13… 14…,” between gunshots. - Olsen, Tara J PFC

“Clear!” as electric fire jolts her. Poertena, Che CPL

“Three at the back door Gunny!” - Dalas, Corbin CPL


“Gunny, north entrance is secure.” Pop. Ari, Ailill CPL


Her back arches as she gasps deeply for air, a strong grip turns her to her side as the gasp ends and she retches, glowing green liquid spilling onto the drab steel floor. Doubled over she continues to retch until the darkness returns.

A blinding light pierces her left eye, then her right. “What’s your name,” she hears, her mind felt like congiled soup. “Lt, whats your name,” the voice repeats yet her mind and body struggle against each other. “Maya, what is your name,” repeated a third time. “Rasmussen, Maya Anne, Second Lieutenant, 422138kyt1291,” she responds weakly. “It’s about time you answered Ma’am,” her aidman says, “She’s going to be alright Gunny.”

“Alright squad, time to find a way out of this hell hole, Dalas, grab her gear,” barks Gunny Rialto, “Lt, can you walk?” She manages to answer with a nod as she begins to pull herself off the ground. “Gunny, she shouldn’t be mov…” CPL Poertena is cut off, “Stow it Doc, we have to get her out of here.”

“Ari your with Hamilton, as much as I’d like to end his suffering we have orders,” the Gunny states, “Olsen you have point, clear us a path.” “Lets go Ma’am, next time you decide to wander off without us I’ll have to leave you behind.” She manages a weak smile and as the Gunny assists her to her feet and towards the exit she whispers, “Its about time you showed up Gunny.”

“16.. 17… 18.. 20..” as rounds continue to exit out of PFC Olsen’s rifle at a steady pace, “The road is paved Gunny.” As she continues on her methodical course towards the exit, and her growing kill count.
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