Author Topic: Mini Guide for Spies to Incurables Ward  (Read 2111 times)

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Mini Guide for Spies to Incurables Ward
« on: January 10, 2008, 12:40:10 PM »
I soloed it last night on my 39 spy. It's indeed tough (clicky) but doable. I died about 6 times.

Some tips for spies:

1. Traitor is your best friend in this instance. Always traitor the netgunners (e.g. Incurable Marauders or Pillagers) beforeyou take out the others.
2. Melee based mobs are on the lower side of the foodchain, Assasin (electric rifle mob) is the lowest part. So plan your tactic accordingly.
3. Utilize your minimap extensively to gather info on which mobs stand where and plan in your head on which side what kind of mob is standing.
4. Always have your Reinforcements 1 meatshield running!
5. The endboss and his sideboss (Lord Javiko and Peveeter) need some tactics. If they catch you and and you get a hit from both of them your dead in one shot. They both hit me for 15k combined in one hit. So: Traitor the netgunner pillager, traitor Lord Javiko then take out Peveteer and his minion. When traitor of the Pillager wears off you have 1-2 seconds of killing it before Lord Javiko's Traitor wears out. No problem if you stand behind ready for backstab. After he's gone it's just Lord Javiko. Start with backstab as well then circle and haxx until dead.
6. At the end when you get the mission of leading Engineer Dahvin to the Leaky Pipes don't accept the mission just yet. Run to the Maintenance room and clear all the mobs there. Then you can run back and accept the mission. Once the Engineer is at his destination you need to protect him while he's working on the pipes. Don't worry its a very easy part.
7. When escorting the Engineer out watch out for the new spawns of mobs in the corridors. There are packs with netgunners amongst them! So use your minimap and plan accordingly as before.
8. Done. Congrats!

Looking back it was a ride for sure... me heart was really pounding when I was finished lol!
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Re: Mini Guide for Spies to Incurables Ward
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2008, 10:58:11 PM »
I found the best way to handle netgunners was to shoot them with lightning 5 from far then gun them down with a fire shotgun. I play a 50 spy, soloed this instance at about level 38-39.

i used the shotgun for the last escort mission. you can run past most of the mobs with polymorph to get the first 3 keys faster.
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