Author Topic: Wanted: Player written mini descriptions of the Tabula Rasa classes & races  (Read 2224 times)

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I'm looking for player written mini descriptions of the Tabula Rasa classes and races. I want to use those descriptions in a free community tool, a char builder you can find at

The mini descriptions have to be short, similar to the class descriptions that the tool is using in the current version. The mini descriptions have to be in (good :P) English (just text, no bonus/malus numbers and such) and they should reflect what a new player not knowing the class and/or race can expect from it (no "Spiez wtfPAWN" style texts please).

If anyone wants to contribute to that task, please post your mini description for your chose class and/or race here, if it's better than the info one can get from the official TR web sites I will put it into the char builder's database and make it the standard descriptions.

The tool and its usage is for free, so don't expect any compensation for your contributed text from me please.
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Demolitionist - As the title suggest, the Demolitionist is the master of explosives, able to inflict enormous amounts of damage to all enemies in a big area. While specialized in inflicting maximum destruction, the Demolitionist also brings a great crowd control ability, which comes in handy since the Demolitionist often puts his life on the line, in order to maximize the mayhem. Possibly one of the most spectacular classes, and if you like big explosions, this is the class for you.

That's how I would describe the class (in a positive manner) I guess. In reality, they lose their effectiveness when fighting too many mobs at once, and their crowd control skill has a very annoying "side effect", but it's truly a spectacular class.

Edit: I love the char builder btw, great job!
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