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Omni's High Speed Levelling Guide (Version 2.0)
« on: March 11, 2008, 08:05:43 PM »
Version 2.0 (February 11, 2008)

Warning to the New Player
If you are just starting out in Tabula Rasa, I highly recommend that you completely disregard this guide.  You'll be missing out on all the real fun that this game has to offer.  You'll also be missing out on a good deal of instances, missions, and the joys of teaming.  If you don't play the game through as it was intended, you won't have the experience necessary to play your profession at higher levels. 

Why This Guide?
If you've already done missions from 1-30 and you want a faster / alternative route to getting from 1-30, this guide is for you.  Missions / Storyline can only be done so many times before they loose their entertainment value.  Though I do thoroughly enjoy some missions even if I've done them a few times.

It's essential that you always keep up on your weapons and armor.  You could be proactive and purchase all of your future shotguns level 1-30 from the Military Surplus and use the weapon which is available at your level the moment you hit that level.  I'll include a "best" damage type for each segment of the leveling guide so that you might purchase the right weapons at the right levels.  It's important that you always keep a shotgun and rifle handy with you throughout the leveling guide as these two weapons are essential to leveling.  You can never have enough one-way teleporters as they will cut your travel times down significantly.  The can be purchased form any medical NPC at any way point. 

- If you are a specialist, you should focus on gaining Firearms Pump 5 and Tools Pump 5.  All other skills are non-essential.
-If you are a solider, you should focus on gaining Firearms Pump 5 and Rage Pump 5.  All other skills are non-essential. 

-These are non primary skills but I would suggest the sprint skill and motor assist.  The faster you move, the easier you can escape trouble.  The faster you travel the faster you can level.  These two skills are available to everyone and remember, after 30 you'll have a free clone credit so you can reset your toon and build out the way you want your toon.  Remember, speed is not a mod you can place on any armor but every other mod can be placed/found on any armor.  Meaning, motor assist lets you move faster and if you choose to custom mod your motor assist, you can add most of the things you get from other armor. 

I would suggest that you clone at level 14.9 and 29.9.  At levels 5, 15, and 30 you will receive a free clone credit.  If you clone right before level 15, both you and that clone will get a clone credit when they hit level 15.  This is the same for level 30.  Remember, if your XP bar is at 95% and you clone, your clone's XP bar will also be at 95%.  By level 30 you and your clone will both have a clone credit ready to go, this way you can reset your toons and set them up with the skills that you prefer instead of the skills used for this guide.  Tabula Rasa, a clean slate.

Grinding Explained
The main goal is to keep your 250% xp bonus at ALL times.  In order to do this, you'll need 2 things.  A powerful shotgun and a long range attack such as a rifle or lightning.  I suggest the rifle because lightning is dependent on power and if you run out, you loose your long-range weapon.  Use your shotgun to take out landing parties of bane and/or squads.  Always keep at least 1 red dot (mob) active on your radar. In order to keep the 250% xp bonus, you must always be in combat mode.  What keeps combat mode alive?  (1.)  You shooting and hitting a mob  (2.)  A mob shooting at you.  The strategy is to always keep yourself shooting at a mob or being shot at so you NEVER leave combat mode and therefore NEVER loose the 250% bonus.  This is where your long range rifle or lighting skill come into play. If you run out of mobs, swap over to your rifle and look for the nearest red dot.  Shoot very slowly at the mob in order to keep yourself in combat mode.  Do not kill the mob if he is the only one around.  I might even suggest carrying a level 1 rifle with you just so you don't accidentally kill the mob which is keeping you in combat mode.  The key is to always be planning ahead using your radar so that you can maintain a constant massacre of mobs and not loose your 250% bonus.  You will make some decent money with loot but the money/items are very low compared to later levels and you must make the 250% xp bonus your #1 priority or you may loose the bonus while running around collecting loot.  Don't be discouraged, it takes time/practice to get your method right.  Also,


Starting Out
Level:  1 - 4
Location:  Wilderness
Type:  Mission
Time:  5 Minutes

Description:  In the starting area their is an NPC who will offer you a mission to bypass the area.  Accept this mission and use the drop ship to leave the starting area.  You will spawn in Wilderness 1 and will be at level 4.

The First Tier
Level: 4 - 5
Location: Wilderness
Type: Missions
Time:  15 Minutes

Description:  Start out by getting every mission in the Alia Das area.  Complete these missions until you reach level 5 and then select your profession.  Return to the NPC who gives you the logos missions and be sure to collect all the new missions he hands out to you at level 5. 

Waypoints / Logos / Missions
Level: 5 - 8
Location: Wilderness
Type:  Multiple
Time:  45 Minutes

Description:  The goal is to get to level 8, collect missions, and gain way points.  You'll want to gain every way point available on the map and in order to do this with lesser risk, I would suggest making this run in Wilderness Instance [1].  Instance 1 in wilderness is generally the most populated and therefore the easiest for a low level player to navigate with the least amount of trouble.  This way, all of the CP's will most likely be under AFS control and many of the harder hitting mobs will be on spawn timers. While gaining the way points at each stop, you should also be completing your logos missions.  Don't forget to grab the drop ship at Twin Pillars.  Nearly all of the logos missions in the Wilderness map are somewhat near or en route to way points.  Finally, at every way point you should be collecting all the missions you can possibly collect.  Logos missions are easiest but the XP reward is low so you'll need to complete other missions in order to reach level 8. 

Memory Tree Hill
Level:  8 - 14.75
Location:  Wilderness (See map below)
Type:  Grinding
Time:  4.5 Hours
Best Damage Type:  Physical

Description:  The location is the North / Northeast / Northwest area of Memory Tree Hill in Wilderness.  On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being very very easy and 1 being nearly impossible, I would consider this grind to be an 8.  You should never do this in Wilderness Instance 1 or 2.  You should do this in instance 3-5 because other players may kill the mobs on the hill that help keep you in combat mode.  Do not level up to 15!!  Get to level 14.75 and then move on to the next step.

Note:  You should be able to obtain 1 level every 45 minutes until level 13 where it might take 1 hour for each level.  How fast you level is dependent on your focus and skill with the grinding tactic outlined above at the start of this guide. 

Level: 14.75
  Divide / Palisades
Type:  WP's

Description:  Prior to cloning you'll want to collect as many Divide and Palisades waypoints.  Why?  Because if you collect them now, you'll have them for both yourself and your clone.  This is to stop you from having to repeat the same thing 2 times.  In Divide and Palisades you must remember to get the drop ship way points.  They are very important for fast travel.  While you don't need to get all waypoints in Palisades, you MUST get two of them:  Cumbria Research Facility and Hightower Outpost. 

Clone Time
Level: 14.9
Location: Palisades
Type: Clone
Time:  5 Minutes

Description:  If you were at 14.75 and didn't gain any xp from your way point finding adventures, you'll need to level up to 14.9.  Be careful not to level to 15.  Once you do reach 14.9, head back to Cumbria Research Facility and clone yourself.  Easy enough!

Fithik Circle
Level: 15 - 25
Location: Palisades
Type:  Grinding
Time:  8 Hours
Best Damage Type:  Laser

Description:  Their is a waterfall near Hightower Outpost.  Behind the waterfall is a tunnel/cavern.  The tunnel is in the shape of a circle which runs underground.  The tunnel is underneath Hightower Outpost.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, simply follow the river near Hightower Outpost until you run into the waterfall.  Once inside you'll notice that the Fithik's come in groups of 3-4 and they are spaced out perfectly throughout the tunnel so that you can maintain a constant 250% xp bonus by staying in combat mode.  If you run counter-clockwise, their should only be 2 spots where you will need to use your rifle to close the gaps between Fithiks.  The problem spots:  1.  When you pass the mission and 2.  When you turn the corner before you repeat the circle again.  Those "dry" spots are the times that you should be pulling out your rifle in order to get the range you need to hit a mob as SOON as you see that mob.  Remember, the key to doing this is to never loose the 250% xp bonus.  All other parts are doable with just a laser shotgun, preferably one with high Steal Armor so you don't have to stop and repair/regen armor.  It might take you a few times to get a good feel for the circular path in the tunnel but practice makes perfect.  You'll make a ton of cash in here and you'll need to make a trip back to Cumbria Research Facility with each level you obtain  in order to empty your backpack which will be constantly filling up with green-blue-purple items that some of the Fithiks will drop.  The key to Fithik's is that you don't take on more than you can handle.  These suckers are squishy but after their health drops below 50%, some of them will explode causing large amounts of AOE damage.  Again, you are better off doing this in Palisades Instance [2] due to the lower volume of traffic.  The more obscure the time of day, the better your chances are of having this beautiful grinding spot all to yourself.  Put on some music, grab a beer and let the xp shower down on thee.  At level 15-16 the Xp can be a bit slow but once you hit 17 and get the level 17 shotty, you'll find the XP picks up considerably.  From 17-21 the levels come fast.  Once an hour is not unheard of.  After 21 things tend to slow down and by  23 will be a bit of a slow grind. At level 22 you will have the opportunity to acquire the next shotgun.  I suggest you stick to the level 17 shotgun.  Why?  Because if you do too much damage you will complete the circle of Fithiks too quickly and therefore you will end up with no Fithiks and that's when your 250% xp bonus will run out.  Levels 24-25 will take 1 1/2 - 2 hours each, easily. The Fithiks are level 18-19 and if you choose you can grind on them until 26 but I do not recommend this as it's a very very slow grind.  After 26 they will be gray to you and will offer little to no XP.

Divide Done Easy
Level:  25 - 26.5
Location:  Divide
Type:  Missions
Time:  2-4 Hours

Description:  At level 25, Divide will be a piece of cake.  You should clear out all non-logos Wilderness missions to make room for all of the Divide missions.  You should have all the way points so now it's simply a matter of collecting as many missions as possible.  The bulk of your missions will come from Foreas Base.  You should shy away from any missions and instances that take up too much time, require a lot of running or any missions that require you to search for a mob such as the "The Daily Grind".  Instances are another great XP pool.  Lots of missions condensed into a small area makes for good XP.  Getting a full team will help spawn more mobs inside the instance and the XP will be that much better.  While you could solo the Divide instances, I would suggest you find clan mates or other players no more than 4 levels below your own level before heading into an instance.  Large teams can clean up instances quickly.  The key in completing these missions quickly is this:  (1.)  Get all way points/missions before you do anything else (2.)  Look at the missions on the map and try use strategy to knock out as many missions as possible. (1 stone, 2 birds).  (3.)  Don't return to base after each mission is completed, especially if you have to go out of your way to turn them in.  Returning to base to turn in a mission is time consuming and goes against the "speed" factor of this guide and your goal.

A list of time consuming missions you might want to skip:

The Daily Grind
There's A Hominus Among Us
Exposing The Traitors

Palisades Sweep through
Level:  26.5 - 27.5
Location:  Palisades
Type: Missions
Time: 2-3 hours

Description:  Be sure to start this play field by clearing any incomplete Divide missions.  Again, just like the Divide play field you are going to get all the way points if you haven't already (while getting the logos missions done), gather all missions from the way points, and finally you are going to complete all of the missions which are not overly time consuming.  I would suggest that you skip the Warnet Caverns missions.  Warnet Caverns requires a great deal of running back and forth, none of the mobs re-spawn, and the xp just isn't that great for the mobs or the xp (especially at level 26/27).  Remember to skip ToO's as they are by far the most time consuming missions. 

A list of time consuming missions you might want to skip:

Instance:  Warnet Caverns (Too much running and low mob count)

Plains, Bane, and Levels
Level: 27.5 - 28.5
Location:  Plains
Type:  Missions
Time: 2-3 Hours

Description:  Plains missions are quick missions.  The play field is packed tightly with many missions in smaller areas.  You'll find yourself completing 3-4 missions in a row.  The same method works in this play field as it does in all play fields:  Gather all way points and missions before you do anything else.

A list of time consuming missions you might want to skip:

Do-ya Wanna Manta?
Hunt for the Red Kraken

Incline Double Time
Level: 28.5 - 29.5
Location:  Incline
Type:  Missions
Time: 2-3 Hours

Description:  Incline missions are quick missions for the same reasons that Plains missions were quick..  The play field is packed tightly with many missions in smaller areas.  You'll find yourself completing 3-4 missions in a row.  The same method works in this play field as it does in all play fields:  Gather all way points and missions before you do anything else.

Clone Time
Level: 29.9
Location: Wilderness / Twin Pillars
Type: Clone
Time:  5 Minutes

Description:  Remember, if you plan on cloning prior to getting your level 30 clone credit, now is the time!  I suggest you clone in Wilderness at the Twin Pillars outpost.  You'll find all you need at the Twin Pillers Military Surplus.  A Footlocker, crafting station, military surplus, and a shop NPC to sell stuff to.  Perfect place to start a naked clone.

The Final Grind
Level: 28+
Location:  Incline
Type:  Grind
Time: 2-3 Hours

Description:  This isn't the best grind and it's only for those whom didn't reach 29.5+ by way of mission grinding.  This grind spot is not nearly as good as Fithik or Memory Tree Hill.  Still, if done correctly this will push you ahead to level 30 in no time.  The Badlands control point in Incline is a good grind area due to a number of reasons: 

      (1.)  The spawn is large, very large. 
      (2.)  The mobs are between level 28 - 32 with a few bosses in the mix. 
      (3.)  The assault contains 3 waves or landing parties with each one slowly getting bigger. 
      (4.)  If you die, you have 2 hospitals very close when you rez. 
      (5.)  The assaults occur with relative frequency.  I counted 3 full attacks in a 1 hour period.

The control point is north of the Ortho Outpost in Incline.  When defending the assaults it's important to realize that, when you use a shotgun or any other attack that hits multiple mobs (AOE), you now have to deal with the damage coming back at you from those mobs.  If you run gung-ho into a crowd with a shotgun, you'll acquire the attention of too many mobs and therefore you'll die.  Start off at a distance using a rifle and work them down one at a time.  Stay on top of the Lightbenders as they generally tend to do the most damage.  When you attack Linkers, try to think before you hit them and again, they reflect back all damage that you do when they cloud up with a charge so using a rifle or pistol to single-shoot them is best to slow down the amount of damage you might take.  If things get rough, as they will most likely; use the blue shielded gate at the entrance to the Badlands CP as a defense when you need time to pull out and heal.  To kill as many of them as possible, run through the gate, drop an EMP bomb and run back to the other side.  They cannot shoot you through the shield.  This will either kill many or at least soften them up for a shotgun attack.  Also, EMP bombs have the potential to knock back some of the enemies.  If the base gets overtaken, drop your position to the very back (north most) side of the base and work on mobs at a range using a rifle.  Know that if you pull one mob in a patrol group, chances are you will pull that entire patrol group.


Fithik Trench
Level: 15-26
Location:  Palisades
Type:  Grind
Time: N/A
Best Damage Type: laser / ice / fire.  Dogs are immune to sonic, hunters are immune to electric. 

Description:  This is really only an alternative to be used when you absolutely cannot use Fithik Circle in Palisades Instance 1 or Instance 2.  With that being said, it's not easy to maintain a 250% bonus due to the fact that this a straight line of mobs as opposed to a recycling circle of mobs.  This can be used at level 26 though I honestly don't recommend it.  You might be better off blitzing some Incline missions instead of doing this because blitzing Incline might level you to 27 much faster than running the trench.  It's suggested that you bring at least 2 damage variants for each weapon.  You may wish to actually skip some mobs when you run the length of the trench.  The mobs you skip will be the mobs you hit to maintain that 250% xp bonus while you run back to the start of the trench.  Sprint is a must-have for this tough little grind spot. 

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