Author Topic: Magma Caverns Mk II  (Read 9400 times)

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Magma Caverns Mk II
« on: May 25, 2008, 07:25:07 AM »
Ran through it last night/this morning, and it actually feels like an instance now. I remember the old version, you'd go through reach the end and go: "WTF? Is that it?" The mission notes say it's best done in a squad of 6, and I'd say that you do need a large group to do it at the suggested level. I ran it with a 50 spy, with a full set of resistance modified purple armour, and I was dying a hell of a lot.

It also says in the mission notes that it's repeatable, but you can only do each mission chain once. Does that mean you can only do it twice in total? Also I noticed that it had a squad vote thing involved as well, where the choices are tallied and you get the mission chain to fight Penumbra or the rebels based on which choice got the most votes, which is pretty neat. I guess if the vote is tied, the squad leaders vote is the winning one.

I chose to side with the rebel scum and fight the Imperials... err... I mean Penumbra. :) Penumbra troops love their sonic weapons and launchers, I was being batted about, blown off high places and stunned left right and centre. Which is pretty bad if you're being pummelled by Penumbra spies and mechs. I might try it again and pick the Penumbra side and see how it plays then.

The devs could have left some of the old content in though, like the little lost lonely thrax technician, who wants you to kill a boss beam manta. Maybe have that as a mission in the beam manta and barb tick oasis. Also they could have fleshed out the whole thrax pacifying thing a bit more at the Rebel base to add a bit more story line in.

I was a little disappointed with the whole "Ember" mission though, the flaregasher body guards were a little but tough but Ember himself was just slow moving with a lot of hit points. They should add in a special attack for him. Like have him spit out an AoE ball of magma, something which deals a lot of damage with the whole knock-back effect, kinda like an Atta rock. As his virulent attack did absolutely nothing to me.

So what's everyone elses view on the updated Magma Caverns then? If you've had a chance to go through it.

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Re: Magma Caverns Mk II
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2008, 08:30:24 AM »
somehow i never come as far as abyss or descent ... or even ashen desert ... i hit the 50 before ... :/

but i'll take a look on cent maybe, =)
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