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=DEF= Defection Clan
Defending Everyone’s Freedom

About Us
We run our clan based on the British Army with military professionalism in mind when we play. We are very team orientated and dedicated to tactical squad play in game with higher levels of discipline. We provide Basic, Advanced, and Officer training schemes for our members and therefore accept members of any skill level.

We will not tolerate cheaters, racists, sexists, or any verbal harassment of any kind, so we hope to provide equal opportunities better than other clans. Our 5 strike system of discipline ensures fair arbitration for all irrespective of individual Officer bias.

Our clan is multigaming with our main game being Battlefield 2142 but also havea good following in other games such as Eve-Online, Battleifeld 2, COD4, Frontlines Fuel of War and of Course Tabula Rasa.

Clan Strucutre
Unlike other clans which may have one power hungry player at the top of the clan. We operate a council system where there are in fact 5 'leaders' at any one time, formally known as Majors. This ensures that you will receive a friendly experience while being apart of =DEF=. We are focused on the British Military however which allows us to use the professionalism of such a system.

Not only do we run training sessions frequently, provide a ranked server and offer military professionalism at its best. We also have a fully functional active community website, fun evenings and regular friendly scrims against other clans. We are also beginning to participate in many different leagues and ladder tournaments so this is the perfect time to join!

What abotu Tabula Rasa?
Well as you can see this post is mainly describing our FPS games. But we are activly devising tactics to PVP warefare within Rasa and will be setting up training and help along the way within the game. The plan of the clan is to help with quests and perform regular group activities on a general basis but also  have training on how to function as a unit correctly for PVP within tabula rasa including how to maximise the benefit of using buffs and shields while maintaining maximum damage output.

All in all we hope to have an active community within Tabula rasa where at a minimum you can join us on teamspeak while playing and make friends within a community so that you no longer must run about rasa on your own soloing difficult instances and boss's.

=DEF= Clan Servers
We currently run a 30 slot 2142 Ranked server from rackage as well as a 50 Teamspeak server. In addition to this we have a 32 man frontlines server based in the UK and a dedicated match and training server for 2142. You can find the IP's for these servers below:[/i]

Ranked 30 Slot Battlefield 2142 Server (Uk Based)

Unranked 50 Slot Battlefield 2142 Match / Training Server (UK Based)

50 Slot Clan Teamspeak Server (UK Based)

Requirements to Join =DEF=
There are no skill requirements when joining provided that you can act maturely. Our Training Schemes will teach you how to become a better player, become more professional and become apart of the team formally known as =DEF=.

However, Defection are only recruiting members over the age of 18 and ask that all members act maturely, follow the rules, and view the forum regularly. Our main requirements are to have Teamspeak and a Microphone. (16-18 year olds may still apply but will be placed on a trial while we determine mateurity).

Contact Information

There are several methods of contacting =DEF=, these are:

    -Go to the Website

    -Email The Officers

    -Join Our Servers  - Ranked 2142 30 Man Server - Private 2142 Match / Training Server - 50 Slot Teamspeak[/list]

    We hope to see you soon! Even if your not interested in joining, feel free to come along to our website and say hello or join us on our gameserver's for a good time.

    =DEF= Officers


    Apart of another clan? Why not challenge us to a scrim at: