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Side Option
« on: August 25, 2008, 03:52:07 AM »
What if at the Character Creation Menu you can choose a side like ARS or the Bane.

Races for Bane:

First Choice: Thrax
Second Choice: Light Bender
Third Choice: Forlean (Joined Bane when surrendered)
Fourth Choice: ??? (anyone for this one???? ;D)

Similar to ARS Forces

Starting Items: Bane Basic Pistol, Recruit Body Armor, Recruit Leg Armor, Recruit Foot Armor

Bane Troopship

Talk to Bane Captain Tor'kin
Follow Him to Bane Major Ker'Rak
Talk to Bane Major Ker'Rak
Grab the Motor Assist Armor and Bane Basic Rifle and equip them
Talk to Bane Major Ker'Rak once more
Talk to Bane Corporal Merkor
Shoot a practice dummy
Talk to Bane Corporal Merkor once more
Use Lightning Attack on Dummy
Talk to Bane Corporal Merkor the last time
Talk to Bane Major Mor'karl
Accept Troopship Defense Quest
Talk to Bane Major Mor'karl to get a promotion
Talk to Bane Major Mor'karl
Three Random A.I. Controlled Bane Soldiers will help you defend the troopship.
Six ARS Human Infantrymen will charge in.
Defeat them and continue
Kill Boss Corporal Blackwell
(don't know what to do next anything people?)

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Re: Side Option
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2008, 09:35:17 AM »
British already informed us that he has no intention of letting us play bane... EVER!

Partially I can agree, trax are ugly, but I would like to see more of a change in aligning myself with the human factions, like the Awols, Retreads, Penumbra and so forth.
You can already do that, but the impact goes no further than 1 or 2 missions.

Besides making wilderness or a completely new area available to run through as a bane would take ages, and as they are supposed to be making more content for the endgame; making the whole game again this time for another faction, is not a wise choice at all.
Because to make the whole thing make sense they will have to redesign every area in the game or make that many new ones; as trax shouldn't be doing human missions.

I won't say starting on the Bane mother ship after bane bootcamp wouldn't be cool, its just very impractical.

And you forgot the set the Neph as a selectable faction, I assume it's more fun to actually be able to boss the trax around than to have to obey the caretakers(which are a different race and the commanders of the trax) so its loagical you can play as a caretaker with any profession.
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