Author Topic: [Test Server] Deployment 13.3 Patch notes (03/10/2008)  (Read 1415 times)

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[Test Server] Deployment 13.3 Patch notes (03/10/2008)
« on: October 03, 2008, 04:22:33 PM »
D13.3 was implemented last night onto the Public Test Server and contains the following fixes and known issues:

Patch Notes
  • Grey Market Vendor: Green level 11-14 items are now correctly priced (70 prestige.)
  • Mission: Base Invaders (Plains) can now be shared with squad mates.
  • MECH: Players controlling a MECH will properly transition out of the MECH after the match ends.
  • MECH: When piloting a MECH, the correct tooltip/icon should now be displayed.
  • MECH: Fixed a typo in the Ground Pound ability.
  • The Juggernaut’s black hole ability will no longer freeze players in place.
  • The trainer in the Irendas Penal Colony is no longer named “Error 23”.
  • Crafting modules no longer use the default icon when displayed in the Military Surplus.

Known Issues
  • Mission: Decent: Refuge: Race to the Finish: Timer does not sync for all party members.
  • Mission: Open Says Me: Abyss: Ruins of Tampeii:  Restarting the mission after failing will result in Danaher giving you the “Mission Completed” text and reward after you restart.
  • Squads: Inviting a player into your squad while you are in an instance will not initially allow the invited player to join the same instance as the squad leader.
  • PVP CP map: Mech not correct team color when opposing player joins team after mech is enabled.
  • PVP CP map: Force field for blue base is red.
  • PVP CP map: Blue base is labeled “safety zone” and should be hostile zone.
  • PVP CP map: It is possible to get resists up to 100% by taking the team buff repeatedly.
  • PVP CP map: Allowing Sacrific to kill characters unlocks all respawn locations.
  • Ability: Demolitionist: Explosive Nanites: pump 1, 2, & 5 do not show damage type vfx.
  • Spy: Ability: Polymorph: Player can not enter AFS/blue force field when polymorph wears off or is turned off.
  • Ability: Sapper: Crab Mines: Does not attack neutral-turned-hostile creatures.
  • PVP: Ability: Spy: Traitor: Traitor does not work when you shoot the caster at the exact same time as when he starts casting.
  • MECH: If a player dies when firing rockets in the MECH, he will get stuck.
  • MECH: If a target breaks line of sight before the MECH’s rockets hit, he will get stuck.
  • MECH: Hit points are too low.
  • MECH: If a player crouches and fires missles in the MECH, he will get stuck.
  • UI: Physical Crit Hit text is displaying and Error 23 in the debuff information.
  • Crafting modifiers do not show the proper level, instead they show plus signs.
  • Old Crafting Modification Schematics are being offered as mission rewards.
  • Tools: Rare tools are able to have weapon mods placed on them.
  • UI: RQS: Slider bar for setting frame rate does not display frame rate selections.
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