Author Topic: RP Alliance: Lots of fragmented RP clans on Cass.  (Read 8376 times)

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RP Alliance: Lots of fragmented RP clans on Cass.
« on: October 27, 2008, 06:33:36 PM »
On Cass, there must be at least a dozen RP PvE clans.  Many have a few members, maybe numbering 5 to 10.  Every night on Cass, you see someone looking for some good RP.  IN fact the statement was made, and agreed by many, that RP would be a lot more fun, and they would join an RP clan, if it had more members.  So, how about merging a few of these clans together or at least make an RP Alliance.

The benefit of this:
- All or most of RP can be done in group clan chat or local.  That way it does not interfere with non-RPer's.
- It will be easier to find someone at your general level and in your area to RP with.
- We will be able to attract more good quality RPer's due to the larger size.
- Individual identities (clans) will not be lost.  For instance, if you are XXXX Infantry Division, you still can be under, this clan.  The clan will just be a "HQ" Unit.
- Creators of clans will not lose their seniority.  You will still be an officer.
- Higher access to specialized equipment in Clan Locker (As long as people share)
- Less independent mission running (unless you want to).

The drawbacks:
- You run the possibility that other, less mature gamers, ruining your RP experience. (This will be quality controlled by surrounding players and officers.)
- Greater chance of Clan Box thieves.
- A clan "interview" may be required to help ensure high quality gamers and RPer's.

If this interests you at all, please send me a PM in-game, or post here.  Also, I would need candidates for a leader.  I have a strong desire and will do the leg work, but I have no desire to run the clan.  (This whole thing is not a desire to grab control of all RP clans.  lol)

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Re: RP Alliance: Lots of fragmented RP clans on Cass.
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2008, 01:02:02 AM »
Back in the day we had a loose alliance going between the clans, at least the larger ones, it would be good to see communication up and running.  As stated on TRRP, though, we are kick starting RP, hopefully we will bring back enough of the players to get the community going again ;)

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