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« on: November 04, 2008, 04:54:53 PM »
We thought we'd kick off today's giveaways with a bang! You're almost guaranteed** to win one of these packs, we've got so many of them! 50 of you lucky readers will get to walk away with the ultimate in Tabula Rasa swag packs! Each pack has (at least) 1 XL Tabula Rasa T-shirt, 1 set of Tabula Rasa Dog Tags, and 1 Tabula Rasa Lanyard! Of those 50 packs, 9 of them are going to find an extra special addition slipped inside: a commorative patch from Richard Garriott's historic flight to the International Space Station! Total retail value of everything is less than $20. Plus, every NCsoft giveaway we do today is going to get some extras, like City of Heroes/Villains balloons, buttons, and bumper stickers ... what you get is a total surprise!

Remember, we've got 50 of these things to giveaway! Enter quick to get your chance! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling us what you like about Tabula Rasa! You'll need to comment before 7:00 AM EST Wednesday, November 5th. You can only enter once per person, and after the contest closes we'll ship out these fantastic prizes to 50 randomly-selected winners. Give us at least a week to ship out this massive pile of swag. To win you must be age 18 or up and a resident of the US or Canada (excluding Quebec). For full eligibility details, we suggest you read our official rules. Good luck!
*Excluding Quebec

**Mr. Asterisk guarantees nothing.

The entry thread is HERE!

Posting in THIS thread will not enter you into the competition!
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