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[Cassiopeia] 131st AFSI 'Hellhounds'
« on: November 17, 2008, 12:53:41 AM »

“…….Bane attacks have surged over the last six months, AFS personnel losses have increased. If we’re going back to Earth, we’ll need those portals held and the current units aren’t trained for this sort of thing! We need them, now mor
e than ever. Get Owen back to Foreas HQ on the double. Unleash the Hounds.”

The Hellhounds are the premier tactical security unit of the Allied Free Sentients; formed post ‘Ash’ from civilian and north American military units, these tough as nails men and women have seen action on every major field of battle in our war against the Bane. The 131st are sent to hold against only the most insurmountable odds on the battlefield.[/b]

((The Flagship RP Clan of Cassiopeia has returned! The 131st AFSI Hellhounds are back for more military RP in this post-apocalyptic tale of human tragedy and triumph. Come join us for IC adventure and OOC camaraderie as we cut a bloody savage path through the Bane to those we left behind. Stand beside us as we march to reclaim what is rightfully ours, Earth!

The Hounds are a group of dedicated role players, hell bent on providing as realistic a military experience as we can for the Tabula Rasa setting- while being respectful and honoring the real life men and women who wear their nations uniform.

If you’re looking to run into us, you’ll likely find us in Instance 3 of any given map, or provided that instance 3 is unavailable, the highest number on the given list. If you’re unsure, feel free to send us a tell and ask!

We’re always accepting applications for dedicated role players who are looking for a military flavor to their role play. We typically give all applicants a two week trial or probationary period, to see if you’ll mesh with us, or if we’re what you’re looking for. If not, we hope there’ll be no hard feelings. In either case, we thank you again for your interest in our clan, and hope to see you on the battlefield! Stay frosty, stay dangerous, and stay alive!))

To apply, visit us here.

Capt. Kheila "Clever" Owen - 131st AFSI "Hellhounds"