Author Topic: Tabula Rasa... Free to play and even easier to activate  (Read 4031 times)

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Tabula Rasa... Free to play and even easier to activate
« on: January 15, 2009, 11:13:24 AM »
Want a TR account for NOTHING... no card details required at all (until NCsoft change something), just a playNC account (which is fast and easy to set up)... then just start from HERE!

The Tabula Rasa servers are still up and running and there is now an easy way for you to see what our universe is all about while you still can! Discover the lushness of planet Foreas, challenge your combat skills in the fiery plains of planet Arieki, and battle your way back to Planet Earth! Come and join the Allied Free Sentients effort and be part of a memorable experience: fight until the very end!

If youíre a former "RETAIL" player looking to return, log into your PlayNC master account and visit Account Management to reactivate your account. Itís as easy as clicking a button!

If youíre a new player (or former "closed/open beta" tester who has never tried Tabula Rasa (or had a Tabula Rasa "Retail" account), you can get a Tabula Rasa Serial Code by visiting this link to create a new game account!

(Note: You will have to create a playNC account 1st of all, but that wont take long, the link is on the same page)

Once your account is activated, download the game client, install and youíre ready to go!

Yes, you read that correctly, no card details required.
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