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what happens next?
« on: May 08, 2009, 08:23:03 PM »
OK, just a warning, this story will probably be rubbish. It will follow my character going through unreleased areas and areas only speaken of in NPC talk or lore.

Also please forgive my grammar and poor storytelling.

so without anymore delay here it is:

It was 6 hours before the massive bane attack, Oat a high ranking spy prepared himself for his imminent death, he thought he had done everything, every mission, every title and gotten every logos detected on the radar. He was wrong there was still more him to do.....

It was time for the invasion, masses went to foreas base and waited and waited, nothing happened..... some hooligans got bored and got on the bridge just outside of which their superiors where not too happy about. After more waiting a Bane dropship came, everyone panicked and opened fire. The thrax inside didnt stand a chance after all it was just a patrol. Everyone was on edge but nothing happened, not the next day, not the next week not even months. Nothing.

Oat wondered why nothing happened for some reason didn't feel natural.

*Months later*

*BOOM!* "Another one bites the dust!" shouted a large Grenadier in heavy armour as he blasted a thrax with his rocket launcher, "do you have to be so loud!" said a spy as he was on top of a dead kael's body struggling to take out his blade from the back of the huge beast. "anyway" the spy continued "this place must be close by." "we have been searching for hours, Oat no-one has found howling death burrow yet." said the Grenadier as he started shooting a far off lightbender "well I am not giving up yet and anyway that forean gave us imformation and tasks for it, so it must exist" said Oat.

Suddenly the floor was shaking beneath them and out came 8 spider like creatures with larger than human preportions, they were dead in less than a minute, the ground started shaking again "more of them?!" shouted the Grenadier but instead of creatures coming up through the ground they were falling through it, The soldiers awoke and Oat was trapped under the rubble, a forean hand pulled him out of the rubble, an infected hand with disfigured features He was not been helped, he was kidnapped and was a prisoner of the Howling Death Burrows.....

I know, it is not very good, I have never wrote a fanfic before. but I want to make this a community thing, so criticism and helpful advice is welcome just dont be insulting.  ;D