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A & S: Part 12 Lost Troop
« on: October 07, 2007, 12:27:03 AM »
A & S: Part 12 Lost Troop

As the squad deployed, the air was full of weapons fire and logo abilities being used, Saint lead the squad forward, his chaingun sending Bane diving for cover. ‘Saint might not be killing many’, thought Sarg, ‘but his chaingun sure make them think about standing up and shooting back’. Sarg hoped his shield protecting the squad from the initial incoming fire would hold long enough to reduce the numbers of Bane, to a more manageable level, give the squad and those AFS hold up in the rear a chance.

“Shield drones, linkers, caretakers in that order, stay inside my shield till it drops”, Sarg said as he took aim and let loose a burst of energy from his staff. The flashes of energy from his shield grew brighter as more Bane started to turn and shoot at them, Pine and Otter threw beacons in different directions amongst groups of Bane, their flashing, a signal that friendly artillery was incoming to that location. As the dust settled the remaining Bane where easy targets, and quickly disposed of.

“Reload!” shouted Saint
As he stepped back, members of the squad moved forward to cover his fallback, the heated barrels of his chaingun glowing a fiery red, Saint hit the locking clasp’s on his chaingun and the heated barrel section dropped hissing to the ground, fishing behind him in his pack, Saint brought forth a fresh barrel assembly and attached it to the main grip/breach section. Reaching down he grabbed a fresh ammo feed belt and attached it, checking the feed was good and then stepped back up to the front of the squad, the barrels already spinning ready to spew forth death.
The squad made room for Saint stepping forward, the only sounds across the squad comms where single words, indicating the needs or status of each member. As they moved as a single entity in the fire fight, the squad preformed actions swiftly and with speed rarely seen in training, training could never truly simulate being in the middle of a life or death situation.

Sarg saw his shield flicker one last time and begin to fade “BREAK!” he yelled. Without his shield the risk of remaining grouped up only increased the chance of them all being killed at once, the diverging targets spilt the Bane’s fire and gave each person a better chance of survival. The squad split up one part heading to the main gate the other working their way around the outpost killing Bane they came across.

Sarg saw Pine move off and disappear as his stealth suit blended his outline to match the surroundings. Sarg knew that Pine would find a spot to provide covering fire away from the massed force of Bane at the main gate and the waypoint.

The number of hits the rear force field gate was taking reduced as the squad moved around killing the Bane, the besieged occupants at the rear of the base started to become more active as the incoming hostile fire lessened. The squads arrival had turn the tide of the battle, the loud retort of Pine’s torque shell rifle, punctuated the sound of battle, each one indicating the death of Bane.

“Otter?” called the Sarg, since he could not see the kid anywhere nearby.
“Yes?” replied Otter, Sarg turned in the direction of Otter’s voice to see a Bane aiming its rifle; Sarg dived and came upon on one knee his staff glowing with energy about to leap forth. As a flash and loud retort showed Otter kneeling in front the Bane, who remains were flying upwards, the result of taking the full blast of Otter’s shotgun in the groin. Otter did a double take at the glowing energy staff pointed in his direction and rolled out the way “Oi watch where yah pointing dat thing!”

Sarg waved Whistler up to take point as they their way to the main gate, killing any Bane that opposed them.
“Otter where the F...heck did you get a stealth suit?”
“Well... I went to keep Pine company while they were fitting him with his suit” ‘Sarg knew the reason was that Pine hated to talk, and Otter could supply enough conversation for them both’ “and…” asked Sarg.
“Uhm well some how they got the impression I was there for a fitting also” Otter gave a cheeky grin full of pure innocence. 
‘Omg thought Sarg that kid is so going be a charmer’, “Down” said Sarg as he moved forward stepping over Otters now prone form and swing his staff to land a furious blow on a Bane that had moved up behind Otter.

“Otter help cover our backs” said Sarg as he moved up to help Whistler, over the Comms Sarg inquired the status of the rest of the squad who where trying to secure the waypoint. It seems the rest of the squad where having little trouble mopping the few remaining Bane inside the outpost.

Sarg and his team had forced the fighting just outside the outpost, till two khal lumbered up, then things got really interesting enough that no one saw the Predator till it opened fire. Otter jumped between Sarg and Whistler then dove through the legs of the Khal span round, jumped on its back and ran up the khal and jumped up in the air, Otters move surprised everyone there.
Yet it also positioned him behind the Predator, where it armour was the weakest, swinging a filament sword. Otter sliced deep into the Predator causing it to smoke and dark strange fluids to leak from its carapace, then it fell to the ground landing next to Otter who had managed to land on his feet after his attack. Sarg dived to the ground follow by Whistler, shouting “DOWN!” as the remains of the Predator exploded in a massive fireball followed by a shockwave.

“Sitrep!” Sarg called regaining his feet and swinging his staff at the nearest Bane still standing, the squad reported in, the last was Whistler who said “shook up by fine once this Khal stops humping my leg”
Sarg looked in Whistler’s direction to see him with one leg trapped under the dead but still twitching body of a Khal, smiling and shaking his head at Whistlers choice of words the Sarg looked for Otter, no sure which to do praise or punish him for his actions which not only cleared the field of the mass of Bane that had been swarming over them, but also endangered their lives.
The comms channel was quiet, till Duchess said “We are clear here coming to your location”, her voice trembling with emotion, Sarg could see the rest of the squad rushing towards him from inside the outpost.

“Sarg…” Whistler did not complete what ever he was going to say as he passed over a small helmet with the words Otter scratched on the back.

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Re: A & S: Part 12 Lost Troop
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Really enjoying this series, any more to come?  ;)