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The Dauntless Role-playing Group (
« on: November 15, 2007, 01:02:21 AM »
Greetings, fellow gamers. I'd like to tell you about a small story-based role-playing forum called DauntlessForums.
We are a small forum with a few abandoned projects, but several continuing stories taking place inuniverses that have been created by our members.. And some that have not. We are in a low and are currently looking for active members who are interested in a story-based role-play of any type.

current Stories include:

The Dark Era II
After a dmeonic invasion of Earth that killed billions, humanity is on its way down. However a small group of individuals has risen to fight the beasts that threaten to destroy all that remains. Do you have what it takes to join into the fight?

The Shores of Saturi: The Forge of Atlantis
Ten thousand years ago in an island chain at the heart of the ocean is a world full of destiny. A civilization that has grown vastly more advanced than the worlds around it fights with crossbow and fire while those around fight with spear and axe. Rumor holds that in Atlantis lies a forge that can craft any item the heart desires.

Star Wars: Fallen Legacies
4,000 years after the fall of the first Empire and war still rages. There is a new empire, a new Sith lord and the Republic is on the losing end of the fight. The galaxies fate again is placed in the Jedi, but even they turn to the free people of the galaxy.

Starcraft: Star Twilight
Jensaara, once a jewel of humanity stranded in the Kopluru sector, passing healthy trough the dominion confederacy war. Now no more, war has come to this world, an enemy far more terrible than any other. The Zerg. Stranded among two factions at war, the civilian population has found solace with the KLF. Yet they lie in the middle, between the forces of the dominion and the forces of the beast that devours all.

Another story is int he works, but we need members to make it all flow. I would personally like to see an eventual Tabula Rasa RP, but again. We need people whoa re interested.

Interested? Visit
We are also looking for an artist to aid int he design of a template for our new provider at

Luck and best wishes,
-Atrus, Founder of
-Kanus Savino, Solder, AFS
Special thanks to PegasusMD for authorizing this article.

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