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The Beginning - Aterr's Beta Backstory
« on: November 16, 2007, 08:32:09 PM »
I'm Aterr Terradon, and this is my story. Before the invasion, I was an Ex-Vet, 14 years in the Air Force as a Law Enforcement Specialist, SEIs in ABGD (Air Base Ground Defense), GDN (Ground Defense NCO), Marksman (Sniper), Heavy Weapons 90mm Recoiless. After my time in the military, I worked as a Computer and IT Tech, then switched to Truck Driving for the money. Money! Hah! Had we only known.

That day, that day our lives changed forever... I'll never forget. It was just a day, a day like any other for me. Pulling a load of cotton seed, out of Lubbock, Texas... Unloaded in Memphis, Tennessee and was on my way back to Tupelo, Mississippi to get my car and take some time at home. It didn't go quite as I planned.


I've seen things in my life that no human should ever have to see... but looking back, they needed to see, every man, woman and child. Yes, they really needed to see, maybe it would have prepared them for what was about to come. I've seen things, horrors of wars past... things that only sickened me then... only if such horrors were here now... but you have seen the new horrors we face... The ones that were left behind... yes, they needed to see through my eyes, maybe more of us could have survived that day and the days that followed.

AFS Lieutenant Wanda Epting, a young 22 year old from Cleveland was making her way through the camp, in a hurry to see why she had been summoned.

"Lieutenant, we just brought in someone we think you need to see... we think he's like you." said the armor clad Sergeant. "He left a pile of Bane, down in Mississippi."

The Sergeant filled her in on the past days events.

"Mister Terradon, I'm Lieutenant Epting, I'd like to ask you to tell me what happened please." She asked politely. "How you survived and what you did, if you feel up to it, that is?"

Sure, why not... it's not like I'm going to jump up and run off, and call me Terr, everybody does, hehehe (Choke). The taste of my own blood made me retch. Sorry, not really feeling well.

"That's okay sir, take your time" said the lady lieutenant, "I have all the time you need."

I was on my way home, out of Memphis, TN. I had noticed that my GPS Receiver had stopped working and so had my radio... first thought that popped into my head, was, has to be Sun Spots. Oh well, I thought. It was about then I saw the smoke ahead, towards New Albany, LOTS of smoke. Then, I saw it, rather them. They looked like a formation of airplanes coming straight towards me, planes that had what looked like legs. I saw lightning, or that is what I thought it looked like, come out of them. It wasn't lightning... the first pass hit a tanker of gasoline about a mile in front of me, then several cars. I didn't have time to react before one of those beams tore through the top of the cab and through my empty trailer... lost most of my hair then.

I was hard on the brakes headed for the shoulder... nah, stike that... I was headed for cover of the trees to South of the road. My truck was running but barely... damned computers controlling Diesels, never thought that was a good idea. Oh... I'm rambling. I made it to the tree line... and watched as those strange planes finish off the few vehicles and people running from them... I guess they thought I was dead already. Well, any ways, they left. I listened to the explosions in the distance... no cell phone, no news, no anything... smoke, ozone, and the stench.

At nightfall, I could see the sky falling... meteors, except those meteors were ships. I guess I was in shock most of the night. I woke, loaded a bag with a change of clothes a little food and all my water. I knew that I needed to stay low and get to town. The nearest town was Myrtle, a little place, nice people, you would have liked it there. Well, I made it there... was a nice place... nothing left but rubble and bodies... rather, pieces of bodies. All the weapons that I found had been gnarled, as if some huge hand had just crushed them... then I saw it... I didn't know what it was... if it had been standing, it would have stood 9 or 10 feet tall, it had a head, 2 arms and 2 legs... it was no man... no, no man could ever get that big. It was covered in some sort of armor... the armor had pings, nicks and blood all over it. Someone had killed this thing... were they still alive? I got even closer and looked, a small hole, in the eye area of it's face mask, with a bluish fluid leaking from it. Yes, someone killed one of them...

I decided to head to my house to see if it was still there, only about 3 miles off the highway. I ducked and dodged those planes... could hear them coming. I learned to love that sound. They were killing everything... people, dogs, deer, horses, cows... it didn't matter... if it was alive... they killed it. The giant creatures weren't shooting much, if they had just shot them, it would have been easier, you know? They didn't seem to do it quick like the day before... they were tearing creatures apart and strewing their remains in all directions. I swear, I think I could hear them laughing... Can they laugh?

I dared not get any closer to them than hearing their heavy feet thudding in the distance. I had nothing that could hurt them, even at my house, I had nothing to fight back with... but I knew that a friend near Blue Springs, did. I had to get there... I could only hope that he and his family were still alive.

I made it to my house, still there... door bashed in, drops of blood trailing in and out... same with most houses in the area... no one around. I grabbed a few tools and my Smith & Wesson .45 Automatic and all my ammo and mags... a lot of good that would do me against these armored giants. I cleaned my wounds best I could, packed my antibiotics and any other meds I could find... best not stick around too long.

The explosions and smoke coming from New Albany had all but subsided by nightfall... time to move... 10 miles over rough terrain to Chuck's house... would not make it by morning... I grabbed a waterproof sleeping bag and my old military poncho... hoped I could find a safe place to rest during the day. I made it into New Albany... Myrtle looked better.

The Police and Sheriffs Departments were empty, bombed out... no electricty, no water, no phones. How bad is it, I wondered... I had heard people... but no one here now... I had heard loudspeakers during the night and the sound of jet engines... but no one now... I rummaged through the remains of a couple of department stores... found a new Mossburg 12 Gauge undamaged and all the ammo I could carry... I picked up too much... my poor bag could not support the weight and tore open. A backpack a few yards away helped.

I had to ask myself, am I alone? I reassesd and decided to get to the National Guard Armory in Tupelo... 16 miles on the road... a road littered with burned out cars and dead. First, I had to get some fire power. My friend, Chuck, had some nice rifles, near where I grew up, and it was on the way.

The pack made carrying my load a little easier... wish that I would have kept up my exercise. My family... too far away... had kinda mentioned that I was getting a little round around the middle... my relatives... too far to walk there... didn't want to know what had become of them. I knew, from what I had seen already, the answer... I'm getting off the subject again aren't I?

"That's okay Terr, go on."

I made it to Chucks house, the friend that told you about earlier... he was there, with his wife and two sons... at least that is what it looked like... hard to tell with them all charred together like that. I had known his wife all of my life... This was the community I grew up in. I knew they would fight. I guess I was wrong. Very little damage... looks as though they just killed everyone in their homes or while they fled.

I went into his basement, to the weapons locker I helped him move in years before... A man of habit... key was in the same place he put it 12 years earlier... I opened the locker and there it was... the Barret .50 Semi-automatic and Colt Delta Auto Elite. I left the shotgun and ammo there, took the 50 Cal and the 150 rounds and 3 10 round magazines, the Colt, 2 magazines and 2 Boxes of 10mm AP that he had stashed. Wasn't sure if the 10mm would hurt those bastards, but was going to find out.

Not sure what exactly happened next tho, as I was about to leave the basement, I heard the whine of one of those flying things... last thing I remembered for several hours... I awoke at the bottom of the stairs... smoke and dust filled the room... I guess they bombed the house. Thankfully, I only had a small cut on my head.

I slowly dug myself out through the escape tunnel at the back of the basement... did I mention that Chuck was a survivalist? Everybody knew it... they all thought he had a screw loose... heck, he told everyone that he bought the 50 cal to go moose hunting in Colorado. Guess he did, I did see a head mounted over his fireplace. If Chuck were younger, he'd be perfect for your little outfit.

I started making my way on towards Tupelo. Near Sherman, I heard a woman screaming, and that laughing sound. I dropped my pack and started running in that direction. Two of those beast things were chasing her in my direction across a yard. They weren't wearing that heavy armor stuff... I took aim on the first of giants and fired... missed... they stopped, looked towards me... I didn't miss on the second shot... the 50 round hit it in the left eye, the third, through it's mouth. It dropped like a rock. The other fired something at me... felt electrical... I didn't wait for him to shoot again. I fired again, hitting the creature in the throat. It dropped to it's knees, grasping at it's throat area.
It was still alive... oh yes, it was still alive.

I walked to within 10 feet of the creature... ugly beast... yes, the 10mm Colt can hurt them. Indeed, that pistol can hurt them.

"Tell me" said the lieutenant

I'll leave that for some other time, dear. Oh, I was about to ramble on. Her name was Tanya... pretty lady, scared, hungry, thirsty, mostly scared. I told her I planned to get to the Armory in Tupelo, and maybe get some help. She told me that there were some Military Transports flying around looking for survivors, but she couldn't get to them before the creatures came. She said that was 2 days ago... She didn't talk much after that. I gave her the Colt and told her to save the last bullet for herself. Was worried that she might use that last bullet first... I'm sorry... my humor is just a defense mechanism.

We traveled for two more days, through the rubble and dead. Made it to the Mississippi National Guard Armory... all the Helos were destroyed... the few Guardsmen were all dead. They fought... 3 of the creatures lay dead among them and something else... a three legged thing... it was dead too. I collected dog tags... a habit... someone might care... someone might want to know that they resisted. I know that I cared. I still have them, the dog tags, can't bring myself to read the names.

Inside, we met Anthony, hehe, more like scared the living hell out of him. Anthony was a black man in his mid 30's. Scared, but full of life and spirit. He was trying to get into the weapons racks, and not having much luck. We buried the Guardsmen, as best we could. Tony, as he asked to be called, had acquired food and water, invited us to eat with him... told us about the Spiders and their Laser Beams... About how hundreds of spaceships swarmed in killing everything... how he escaped through a pipe. We stayed in the Armory for two days trying to find something to fight with. Eventually we gathered some Claymore Mines, a couple of SAWs, 20 LAW Rockets, a Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun, 12 Stinger Missiles and a Launcher. I gave Tanya and Tony crash courses in use of the LAW and SAWs and how to deploy a Claymore.

They had become my charges... I felt responsible for them. It gave me a sense of purpose. We had heard the troop transports calling for survivors on the 3rd night, far to the South. I fired a Slap Flare, hoping that they would come rescue us. They never came. The next morning, an alien patrol came in their place. Four of the creatures. The old Browning .50 Caliber worked well, but there were only 10,000 rounds for it. I knew we might need to save them for later. Tanya killed one with a LAW and Tony got another with a SAW and a full drum of ammo. I killed the other two with a few short bursts of the "Ma Deuce", the we had mounted to the old Tank.

That was not the end though. We knew we could not run in the open... I guess they called for reinforcements, because a ship came... A reddish light came from underneath it and one by one they started dropping out. I fired a Stinger and blew up the craft... but too late. Three of the giants fully armored were only 70 meters away. I grabbed my Barret and fired on one, he just got back up.

We took cover behind the old M-60 Tank Display, it helped. Tony fired his SAW until it jammed. Then he ran over to our stash and grabbed several of the LAWs. We took out those 3 with the rockets. Not satisified, our attackers sent two of flying things after us... The Stingers took them out. I got them... but one of ships got off a shot... I never saw it go down. Tanya told me about it when I came to. The burns on my back and shoulder hurt like hell. Pieces of shrapnel had lodged in the back of my head... All that Kevlar Armor and we didn't even think to use it. These people were my charges... I should have known better... I did...

Tony came back with some stuff from the dispensary, and between he and Tanya, treated my burns and wounds best they could. That night, the Troop Transport came over... we weren't prepared. They didn't call out on the loudspeaker this time either. We set up a killing field of Claymores, in the direction of the Airport, that is where they seemed to be landing, and a few more on our flanks with some trip flares. The creatures were smart, smart enough to stay outside the lock range of the Stingers. If we heard one, we just activated the IFF on the launcher and they would go the other way.

Morning came, and I decided to go recon in the direction that the transport went. I grabbed 2 LAWs and my Barret. I told Tony and Tanya to stay low and if I wasn't back by dark, to try to get the Transports attention and get away.

I should have never left them alone... I should have never left my friends... I thought they would be safe.

I heard the screams from almost a mile away. I only heard a couple of Claymores and 3 pistol shots... sounded like the Colt. Adrenaline filled me as I ran back. I topped the rise to see a dog-like creature dragging Tanya around like a rag doll. I didn't see Tony at first, but I did see the four big aliens...

I should have never left them alone.

"go on, please" said the lieutenant

The four large aliens had Tony. Each had a limb. They were making that laughing noise... They pulled, he screamed... he died.

"that's not all, is it?" she asked, as if in pain.

No... they..

"they what?" she said, gasping for air.

They tore him apart.

"They tortured him for fun?" wincing "What did you do?" she asked.

I'm not really clear... I started shooting... one fell, dead, I emptied a clip, used the LAWs on two more. Then, someone else shot, and killed the other one.

"that was Captain Christopher, our Sniper" she added. "Then what?"

I ran towards that dog thing... it was oblivious to what was going on, intent on mauling Tanya's lifeless body. I picked up the SAW and used every round in it on that hell hound.

"then?" she prompted.

I looked around for the person who helped me... I couldn't see him... I called out, but nothing... I thought that maybe those creatures had killed him as well.

"no, he was really far away, and called for a Squad" she remarked. "then what?"

I buried my friends... I let them down... I wanted to at least do one last thing for them. Something decent... Something human.

"what did you do after that?" the lieutenant queried.

I gathered the rest of my weapons and ammo by their grave, next to the Tank, and etched an epitaph on it, with a piece of Tungsten.

"what did you write, if I may ask? she asked choking back tears. She already knew, I could tell.

Here lies the bodies of my friends, I knew them only as Tayna and Anthony (Tony) They were murdered by these creatures at my feet. If any human finds my remains please bury me with my friends. Aterr (Terr)

"that's not the end, though, is it? You're here." she asked, tears streaming down her face.

They came. A lot of them. I was not scared. I was at peace. I knew that I was going to die. I opened fire with the .50 Cal, it finally overheated and jammed. I jumped to the ground and popped the Claymores, then switched to the remaining LAW Rockets, then to my Barret .50. I fired, time after time, each shot clean and precise as when I was a young Marksman. They fell, one by one, a nameless enemy, to rot on the ground at my feet.

"how did you survive the assault? do you remember? she prompted me for an answer.

Yes, I remember. Just as I loaded my last clip, one of those giants came around the tank and raised his weapon. Someone behind me fired a beam weapon and yelled "Die Bane Scum!" The creature fell towards me, knocking me to the ground. I then heard several men shouting and firing.

One of the men in heavy futuristic armor said "Hey Old Timer, what you say we get the hell outta here!", as they pulled me from under the alien corpse.

"that was Corporal Talbot" the lieutenant added.

I asked him what took them so long, and he told me that they had to land about 5 miles away, for fear that I'd fire a Stinger at them too. I guess your Sniper warned them about those.

"Yes, that was our concern, and the Bane would have been alerted to our presence. Your extraction and survival would have not possible under such an assault." she added.

It was bad enough... Bane huh?... second time I've heard them called that.

Well, anyway, they collected up a lot of the Alien weapons and a Ship landed next to us on what would have been the Helipad. They loaded me on a stretcher and put me on board. Now, I'm here. Wherever here is?

"this is the Bonneville Salt Flats Refugee Evacuation Center" she replied. "I have one more thing to ask of you please."

What is it?

"May I touch your hand, please? she asked nervously

Sure, I thought and extended my hand towards her. She removed her glove and took my hand. A surge of warmth flooded through my body, washing away most of my pain. She let go, and quickly stood, waving to one of the Soldiers.

"this man is a Receptive, I want him stabilized and transported to Foreas Base immediately" she directed in a hushed tone.

Will I see you again?

"Possibly." she quipped as she brushed the hair from her eyes, then replaced her glove.

Where is this Foreas Base? Uhhh, and what is a Receptive?

"you'll see!" she stated with a slight smile. "stay alive, okay?"

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Re: The Beginning - Aterr's Beta Backstory
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write a book young man !
the machine mother told us of the planet of your birth - we know how you have harmed this place, with your pollution, your violence, and your dischord - but when we arrive there, we will cleanse the surface of that place, and merge it, with the harmony of the many

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Re: The Beginning - Aterr's Beta Backstory
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Thank you, thank you! And that is the abbreviated version ;)

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Re: The Beginning - Aterr's Beta Backstory
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write a line of books. and get this on the website.