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Doctor of dreams
« on: November 29, 2007, 11:08:13 PM »
     I felt a stinging sensation on my face and opened my eyes.  I was really groggy, reaching for something, anything, ready to end it all in case I had wound up on one of those thrax operating tables.  Last thing I remember was that I was surrounded but I wasn't going out without a fight.  Seeing pics of that poor bastard they brought out of Torcastra,  I ain't going to end up like that. 

     As my vision focused and I came to my senses, a beautiful, short brunette with black rimmed glasses and the most striking green eyes looked down at me, hand raised for another slap.  I smiled my best polished smile and said, "I'll give you ten minutes to stop that."  Not surprisingly, this brought me another slap, followed by her leaving and telling my CO, standing in the distance, that I would be okay.

I heard she was in Incline now, and I got transferred there two days ago.  I haven't seen her in any of the hospitals just yet, but i'll be looking her up for sure.

If there is an alien out there that I can't kill, I haven't met him and killed him yet.